Monday, 15 August 2016

16th August

Well I am certainly a bugger for punishment!! I have just done it again - deleted a couple of hours of writing and loading pics. Luke keeps telling me to work in word and then paste it into the blog...... I did save as i went along but it seems I  must save and publish and then continue.....

So big breathe and here I go again!!! Today is my first day of  total home alone.... Morgan started school at her new premises - in K 1 now... Mel met the bus at the top of the hill at 7.55. She boarded quite happily with bunna and her back pack which means that Mle can get to work a little earlier now - certainly on time!! I put Seren on her bus which comes into the apartment complex garden. She had happily said good bye to daddeeee who walks to the underground.  I love it because of the heat - he (and the rest of the guys in the underground) wears a T shirt and carries his ironed long sleeved work shirt.  Missy whose daughter Sylvia is in Morgan's class  was at the school this morning to assist the children getting to their new classes etc and sent us this pic of Morgan in class - so all looks great. Its the first time that Morgan will be having school lunch and snack so hopefully all goes well - never underestimate the power of the group in times like communal eating though  even though the food is quite Korean.

Morgan finishes school at 4 ish. Seren will have been dropped by the bus at 2.55 or so. Today Luke is coming home to help me fetch Morgan as I am not sure how I will manage pushing seren up the hill to meet the bus on the main road at the top - also not sure how I will manage the two of then coming down again!! Hopefully in a couple of days, the other children in the complex who also attend this school will be back from Europe and will be met by their nanny who can also meet Morgan or help me..... we'll see.

I realise that I have not posted any photos of the new reshuffled home - so here goes. I will explain in the captions

Seren's first time in her bunk bed. Fortunately she can still stand up in it - not for long though!! 
Everyone on top of the newly arrived bunk beds which were the catalyst for so much change in the home!! Luke removed the doors of the cupboard on the left to make more room for their toys.
The bedroom taking shape - before Seren's cot was moved out and sold to a happy couple!! The white book shelf  in the photo below is where the cot used to be. 

The childrens bedroom which used to be Luke and Mels room - they all swopped bed rooms so that the play area could be moved from the dining room. in the children's bedroom. The white book shelf is the Language area. On the left near the bathroom door is the brown book shelf housing the Art activities. The new tables and chairs for the play area are just visible on the left. Berlita is playing wit the children. She is at home with her family in the Philippines. Thankfully all her paper work is sorted and she will be here in her room when the family return at the beginning of October, - hopefully having done the shopping and preparing the house!!

Playing hide and seek - Morgan behind the stool next to the bath. Don't you love the child size loo and Seren's bunches!!!!

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