Monday, 15 August 2016

15th August 2016

Hi everyone - well today was Independence Day so was a public holiday so we had a very chilled day at home. Quite different from last year when we went to Seoul Forest and took part in a whole lot of family activities - building homes out of cardboard...... and being amazed that everything  - stanley knives, tape, markers etc was given to be used and returned at the end of the activity!  Seoul is apparently after Singapore the safest place on the planet. I am constantly amazed at how people leave their things around - cell phones, I pads, wallets while going of with the children or to have a smoke....

So we have been very productive in the home. Its amazing how one thing can be the catalyst for so many other things happening - aka the ripple effect! The latest project is sorting out the cycling room - Mel now has a super desk and chair. Luke has added a fancy exercise treadmill they found someone selling. It took some transporting and lugging into the apartment but he spent hours last night getting it up and running.  So watch this space and lets see who makes best use of it.... The girls had a go on it this afternoon - with Luke holding Seren's hand and reminding her to keep walking so she didn't fall off the end!!!

There is no doubt it is going to be a really great space and a hideaway for Mel when she wants to work from home. My / Berlita's room is also taking shape - we moved the double bed out of it and put Morgans 3/4 bed in its place.  Here are a couple of pics of my room which used to be Luke's cycling room.
So my Morgan's ex bed with the double bed mattress on it.Me and Michael Cane!!!

There are three sets of cupboards - will probably keep the one on the right for winter jackets which is what is in there presently.

The base of my bed with the all important fan keeping me cool. The windows look onto the area leading from the kitchen to a large broom cupboard.
The two hanging wires are what the TV will be hung from as one cannot put nails or shelves on the walls.
into it rather - Berlita is so tiny that she will be fine in the smaller bed. For the moment I have got the double bed matress on the bed as I find it quite comfortable - it's not the right size but it works fine!

I will take pics of the cycling / study/ running / ironing area once the space has been sorted.

Morgan starts school tomorrow - Mel will meet the school bus with her at 7.55 at the top of the hill and then go off to work. It'll be a very long day for er but she has not had midday naps for the last four days so should be fine. She is very excited especially to get back into the play area!!!  So I will meet Seren's bus as usual at 8.45 and then I will be home alone until Seren gets back at 2.55!! Seems quite incomprehendable at this stage!! So will let you know how I spend my precious time ......... reading a novel, picking up around the apartment, skyping, catching up on some tennis viewing... having a long overdue concentrated quiet time ..... sleeping...... ah the wonder of choices.

Last night new friends dropped in for a beer - they live close by - Missy and Simon, Sylvia's parents - so nice to socialise and just hang out. We are going away with them in two weeks time - to spend Friday and Saturday at a resort about two hours drive from Seoul - hopefully we will get to a beach and maybe take a walk in the forest. They are American and have three daughters. I am also going to look into Museums and galleries and temples I can get to during these few weeks while I am free in the morning.  There are also monasteries where one can stay overnight and be a part of the practice during the day.  So let's see - time to be a bit of a tourist!!

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