Friday, 12 August 2016

11th August 2016

What a wonderful day we had today! It was already sweltering hot at 8.30 when Seren and I went outside for her morning play time in the garden of the complex before she catches the school bus. In fact today was the hottest day - with the 'feel' temperature sitting at 40 degrees!!! Anyway off she went in her Friday gym togs!!! She is now eating the school lunch so on the menu today was sweat (sweet!!) potatoes amongst other things!!! It has certainly made life much easier for Mel who now doesn't have to prepare Seren's lunch and snack before school each day!

Mel worked from home this morning while Morgan and I hung out - she watched some TV and then we did a bit of tracing the sand paper letters in her name - not a big hit though!! I then showered and washed my hair before the three of us set off in the car to have a treat at the Green Turtle to have our nails done!!! Pedicure and nail painting for Mel and me, and toe and finger nail painting for Morgan!! I love the way she is so decisive about the colours she wants - much like Luke was as a littley - not about the colour of his nails but about which shoes he wanted as in had to have....!!!!

Below are various shots from the Green Turtle!! Do notice Morgan's bunna watching her having her nails painted ...

Keeping an eye of the TV in the corner

My toes being pampered1

Finger nails drying while toe nails are painted 

Fingernails drying, note the separators on the toes

After this we went of to have lunch with Morgans friend Sylvia and her mum Missy. From there we went to see the new school. In typical Seoul fashion it is very urban and takes up three floors of an  office block. The pictures say it all - quite stunning and what a warm and friendly feel to it. The whole school is of course air conditioned.

They are a little out of order but the captions will explain....

The art room - also the supplies area 

Storage / supply - Montessori number rods 

Morgan greeting one of her teachers from last year 

Big hug from Andy the head master - love it - none of this "we're not allowed to touch the children" UK nonsense!

Huge love and reunion with Nicky her last year teacher who is South African 

Showing Nicky her toe nails!! While Sylvia looks on 

Morgan's class room - the Sensorial and maths area, with sand paper land and water globe in the back ground

The huge indoor play area - with  foofie slides, trampoline and climbing frames

Riding inside her cab...

Wash area and water  in the passage that leads to a huge open gym and games area.

Climbing wall

Stairs leading down to play area - with child height hand rail

Toddler class that Seren will be in in December when she turns two 

The second room of the toddler area connected by the wash area and tiny loos

The very well equipped Music room 

The beautiful library 

Lesson area in the library with black boards 
Reading area in the library - the walls are glass so in the back ground is a separate area for fantasy play 

Another view of the reading area 

The stairs from the ground entrance and admin level to the classrooms and library - I love the arrows on the hand rail
So there you have it - she was sooo excited - Monday is a public holiday so school starts at Tuesday. She has to be at her pick up point at the top of the road at 7.55. Mel will take her on her way to school. She gets dropped off again just after 4 pm which is a really long day especially as they don't officially nap at midday - her teacher did say that they can lie down if they are tired though. It was wonderful chatting to her teacher who is Montessori trained. I showed her a picture of Morgan;s bedroom - she commented - of it looks like a class room!!! which if course it does.... She was thrilled to meet me, well a montessorian, and said - ah maybe you should come and do a workshop for our teachers .....we'll see!! 

Morgan then went off to Sylvia's home to play which was great as it meant Mel could escape into the quiet room - the cycling room and work, while I hung out with Seren who arrived home shortly after we got home. 

So am off to bed now - its way past bed time and I'll surely regret staying up this ate - but I have been watching the Olympic tennis on u tube on my computer so I have no one else to blame by myself!!


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